Are you a licensed mechanic? Register to become a What Now Auto expert!


  • be a licensed mechanic
  • have a reliable vehicle with insurance
  • have a scan tool capable of OBD2, ABS, AIRBag
  • have a cell phone with data plan
  • have simple tools (booster cables, etc.)
  • have two references


  • Mechanics will be paid $50 clear for 15 minutes of diagnostic.
  • The mechanic is contracted out by What Now Auto so no taxes are deducted.
  • The mechanic works on their own time.
  • The mechanic is rated after each diagnostic job by the customer with stars - the more stars the more jobs the mechanic gets.


Arrive at the costumer's vehicle within 5 minutes of their appointment.

Diagnose the issue (test drive if needed).

Let the customer know what is wrong and what they need to do to fix the issue. Give the customer advice on where they should take the vehicle for the repair (the best service, the best price, etc.). Let them know if they can drive the vehicle and for how long they can drive before the repair should be done or if they should get it towed.

Then do a written report vie email: include what the customer's issue was, what you think the problem is and the cause, what the scanner results are and what needs to be done to fix it. Also an approximate cost to fix (do some research, remember you are being rated by the customer - the better ratings the more jobs you get - save the customer money).